In the Greensward Tent: 9th - 18th August

Me and My Girl

When through and through cockney chappie Bill Snibson learns that he is the 14th heir to the Earl of Hareford you could knock him down with a feather. There’s only one snag: in order to receive his inheritance he must gain the approval of Sir John and the Duchess. They think that with a little grooming he might pass muster – as long as he agrees to break up with his equally cockney girlfriend Sally Smith. “Not on your Nellie”, says Bill. So Sally has to secretly go to finishing school. But will it finish her off? This wonderful Olivier award winning musical contains the great British classics “Leaning On A Lamppost”, “The Sun Has Got His Hat On”, and “The Lambeth Walk”. All performed in our famous Frinton Greensward Tent. Should you see it? Abso-bloomin-lutely!

In the Greensward Tent: Evenings 7.30pm (except 18th Aug at 7.00pm). Matinees Sat 10th and 17th at 3pm - Sun 11th and 18th at 2.30pm
  • BillJosh Andrews
  • SallyEleanor Jackson
  • DuchessBrenda Longman
  • Sir JohnJeremy Rose
  • ParchesterSamuel Holmes
  • GeraldMatthew Whennel-Clark
  • Lady JacquelineHelen Power
  • Lady BattersbyJan Hunt
  • Lord Battersby/ConstableAshley Knight
  • Charles the ButlerNick Brittain
  • IvyDelycia Belgrave
  • Peggy and Dance CaptainKate Hanks
  • HenryOwen McHugh
  • Director:Ben Stock
  • Musical Director:Alex Maynard
  • Choreographer:Aimee Leigh
  • Designer:Gregor Donnelly
  • Costume Designer:Neil Gordon